Monday, February 8, 2016

Project - R - pt 5. She's got leeegggssss...

Right, ok, so while you try to get ZZ Top out of your head, movin on with the construction.

**update** now with pix. 

Finally got the hip assembly formed up and cast.  That leaves the last parts still to make are the main torso and arms.  The torso is about 1/2 way there, but it's going to take a bit.  Building the cockpit in and setting up all the lighting is what's going to slow that up a bit.  I think that'll be the one part I end up *not* casting.  If by some chance I ever get someone wanting me to get them parts for the Archer, I"ll just build up another. 

The arms I definitely plan to cast.  I like the look of the MWO design and I have a thought of how to do the joints.  I would definitely like poseability built into this one.   

 I've got all the cast parts sitting in the soap bath and getting ready for work.  I would like to get a little progress in on just putting some of it together.  You know, ADD and all. 

Pics coming later.. not today.  : )..Ok, I lied, Pic today:

The stack of parts after washing and first pass of color on the foot.

The rough layout of the Torso with the cockpit plug.

with the raw canopy

Flanked by the LRM launchers.

Lots more to do.. but getting there.

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