Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trust the Engineering. Project-R, pt 5-a. more pix.

Trust in the engineering.

I mentioned that she's got legs.  Well, she does.  I wanted to get an idea of how they went together and would stand, as well as get feel for the overall look, so I pinned the hip joints together and stacked up the parts to get an eyeball.  With the raw master of the center torso sitting on the hip block, it showed a pretty decent start to the assemblies.


Of course, once I saw that, I started to wonder about the scaling. I had taken the ortho diagram and scaled it up as compared to the FCY version of the Victor, and worked from those drawings. As with the Hatchetman, I worked from the ground up, building the feet first and then the shin, etc.  One of the worries I had there was for the design to expand as I did, but making those drawings first helped keep the parts accurate to the original look.  As I built, I found that they had a tendency to end up being thicker than the ortho showed, so my original drawings were off a bit in the X axis.  As the parts go together, though, it still has the look I'm after, and as it progresses, I'm still content.

Now that I'm to the final block-out parts of the center torso, this is the last opportunity I have to address any issues of scale.  The general size compared to the pilot looks about right, but as the parts started to come together, I still had a bit of concern.  With it standing, the top of the center torso comes in at just about 8"; which is, again, right at the correct height from my drawings.  Of course, that just had me second-guessing again on whether I'd scaled the drawings correctly.  So there was only one way to check the feel.   I pulled down the Timberwolf Mk II and put them side-by-side.

Trust the engineering.  Seeing her next to the 90 Ton Timberwolf, I'm content.  I'm pretty content that she comes in with the right look for a 70 Ton.

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