Thursday, June 8, 2017

Collected unboxings.

In the interest of collating all of the Battlemech Unboxings I've done, I'm listing them all below.  I suppose at some point I might find a way to make a playlist or whatever on the Yinztoob channel, but right now, this is easier. : )

FCY Templar Battlemech

FCY WolfHound Battlemech

FCY NovaCat Battlemech

FCY Owens Battlemech

FCY Atlas Battlemech 

FCY Loki Battlemech

FCY MadDog Mk IV Battlemech

FCY Victor Battlemech

FCY TimberWolf Mk II  Battlemech

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Signal Boost: Templar kit

BattleTech collectors on my feed: Boosting the Signal- TEMPLAR Battlemech in 1/60 scale

FCY is preparing a very limited run; a 1/60 scale resin kit of the TLR1-0 85 Ton Assault Battlemech, one of the first Omni-mech designs to come out of the Federated Suns in 3062.  I've mentioned FCY's kits before and I reiterate: these are some of the best quality resin kits I've ever dealt with.   This is a rare subject, likely to only ever see 15-20 kits made, if it goes to production.  Take a look: