Sunday, December 17, 2017

New Custom Project - If it Spits-it Builds.

Some time ago, Fantastic Plastic came out with a 1/72 version of the "Caprica" air force Viper - both a Prop and Jet version.  This kit intrigued me.  I liked the look and the implied history, as well as the mesh of the classic lines of the Viper into a real-world-ish kind of fighter design.  I had thought about picking it up, but it's a scale I rarely work in, and it got my engineering brain going.  I've done plenty of kit-bashing in the past, most notably on my Serenity "Valkyrie" using Games Workshop parts.  So, as I think on it more and more, this kind of a project is one I think I want to take on.  There is a group build for a Faceytwittyspace group of which I am a member and this is a great opportunity to just go all in and go for it.

The original Fantastic Plastic model, if I understand properly, came from designs from Pierre Drolet. I'm linking to his Sci Fi museum page here below since I will be referencing it.

Another take on the design is from Dave Eaves, Daveiant's Model Madness.  This one is a different style but it still has the same lines of the Vipers.   This one was a straight-up kitbash like I’m going to attempt.   Dave's is a larger beast, not small and tight like Pierre's.  I like that look and it has me chewing on the possibilities. 

Pierre's design was my first inspiration, and the design is very cool but I really do not have the intent to directly reproduce it.    I intend to use that as an inspiration to do a kit-bash of my own with a similar feel, and then I saw what Dave did, and that really opened up the possibilities.   

Since I'll be referencing the above inspirations, for convenience I'll be calling them the "P" and "D" models, just so I can not type out all that verbiage.

There are basic designs to the BSG Vipers that are consistent:  A long nose, an engine cluster about the same length, if not a touch shorter, than the nose section, twin down-sloping wings off the back of the craft, and wing-mounted weapons.    Both of the P and D models have more modern-day equivalent wing surfaces, larger than the wings of the space-capable Vipers.   They also have twin-engine clusters rather than triple-clusters.   The D model is a two-seat, heavy fighter, clearly larger in similar scale to P or the single-seat fighters of the BSG series.   I like the direction that went too, and it has me chewing on what I can do here.

The intakes and nozzle area on the P-model bear a strong resemblance, to me, of the F-4 and I can't get that concept out of my head.  The nose area has a look that resembles either the P40 Warhawk, P51 Mustang or the Supermarine Spitfire.   I really happen to like that look, and the F-4  has always had this "beastly" aesthetic to my eye.     I see similar design elements in the dropship from "Aliens."    Given that, what I have in my head is a combination of the Spitfire and the F-4. 

With that as a base, the engineer brain kicks in and starts designing.   What I really need to do is some mathing of the fuselages, and getting the overall look to be about right.  After that comes the figuring out the layout of the wings, etc..etc..  This shall be quite fun, I think. 

To start, I look at the overall components of what I have to begin with:

Overall length of the Spitfire:  29'11" = 30*12=360" general overall.
The next measurement I need to fiddle with is the nose to canopy distance, which looks to be approximately .4 the overall length = 30*.4 = 12'  12' = 144"  Yes, it's approximate, but it'll work for what I need to do.

Overall length of the Phantom: 63" , of which most is the engine and body.  It's a beast. 

Below is an overlay picture of the Spitfire and F-4 and we can see that in the same scale, we have some things to think about.   

To bring the Relative lengths into the right design aesthetic, I need to think about the scales of the initial kitbash pieces. However, there's also some changes that need to happen to the base body of the F4 to begin with.   First, the tail assembly needs to shorten, to bring the exhaust nozzles closer to the trailing edge of the wings, and also, the upper tail assembly can be cropped off, moving the upper stabilizer forward.   This also opens up a space for me to add a third exhaust nozzle in that section.  It'll be a smaller one as compared to the twin main engines, however it also ties back to the BSG Viper designs with three, and the MkII has different sizes as well.

So I need to play with those modifications, and then take a look at the relative scales again.  However, I am currently leaning toward meshing a 1/24 Spitfire with a 1/48 or 1/32 Phantom.   That size will make the aircraft larger, similar to the fighters of today as compared to the BSG fighters and their extremely small size relative to people.  With that said, I think that's appropriate, as I'm going for a more modern-based concept for the build. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Days of Future and Past.

It has been a bit since I've posted here.  I've had quite an eventful year, and it has seen some changes to the world for me.  Good changes, but changes, which means my modeling has been really haphazard. Going forward, I'll try to document here a little more on what I have in flight.  I've been using the yinztoob a bit, but I'm still not so sure if video is really my medium.  I'm not interesting to look at and what am I going to show for pix while I waffle on about this, that, or the other.  At any rate, I will see if writing works for me too.  We'll see. 

For now, taking a look back on where I've been:

In the world of the BattleMechs,  I have recently acquired FCY's new TimberWolf Mk I kit as well, and while it'll be a bit for me to actually crack into that kit, I have done an unboxing and it's at this link here

Also, because I'm *that guy,* I've preliminarily finished up a 'Mechbay shelf display.  I rather like that I can put the 'Mechs on a shelf with a background that appears more appropriate.  I say preliminarily because I know I'll be adding pieces, etc  Pix below.

Oh, and I needed to put Natasha near her ride too. : )

With that said, I have continued to do some modeling, and have worked on a few fun kits here and there.  I picked up JPG Productions' "Chopper" kit from StarWars Rebels, that was fun.

A while a go I finished up a  1/72 BSG Viper with "Husker's" markings. 

And finally, the completed DieWaffenkammer's KV2 in 1/56 scale. 

There you go.  A quick -and- dirty update on where I've been and what I've been tinkering with.  More to come as the year rolls forward. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Collected unboxings.

In the interest of collating all of the Battlemech Unboxings I've done, I'm listing them all below.  I suppose at some point I might find a way to make a playlist or whatever on the Yinztoob channel, but right now, this is easier. : )

FCY Templar Battlemech

FCY WolfHound Battlemech

FCY NovaCat Battlemech

FCY Owens Battlemech

FCY Atlas Battlemech 

FCY Loki Battlemech

FCY MadDog Mk IV Battlemech

FCY Victor Battlemech

FCY TimberWolf Mk II  Battlemech

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Signal Boost: Templar kit

BattleTech collectors on my feed: Boosting the Signal- TEMPLAR Battlemech in 1/60 scale

FCY is preparing a very limited run; a 1/60 scale resin kit of the TLR1-0 85 Ton Assault Battlemech, one of the first Omni-mech designs to come out of the Federated Suns in 3062.  I've mentioned FCY's kits before and I reiterate: these are some of the best quality resin kits I've ever dealt with.   This is a rare subject, likely to only ever see 15-20 kits made, if it goes to production.  Take a look: