Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yep, the bench updates have been quiet.  In truth, the bench really has been in more flux over the last 6 months than it’s been in years.   As it happens, the workbench was moved about three times over that timeframe, as I searched to both a) find a synergistic construction environment that best suited my needs and b) adapted to the ‘new normal’ that is my external life.  I believe that I am finally winding down that part and getting back to the “builds” part of having fun.    With all that said, I do have some updates.


1)      Malekith and Seraphon are nearly done.  The modeling part has been completed, now  it’s all about the painting.   Pics to come.

2)      I have a package from Thor’s mechworks that needs to be opened.   I need to set up a filming space in the new environment and then do the un-boxing.  This will enter the construction pipeline as Project J.

3)      Package from FCY is also incoming when his manufacturer completes the run.  That will enter the pipeline and take priority, Designated Project MD.

4)      So.. Atlas is on hold, partially because I’ve been working on figuring out the details.  Then I see that the Awesome Mr. Fusco has hooked up with the Steiner Scout Lance supply Line, a.k.a. Scott over at Messy Desk.. and Scott’s Atlas will be kitted out.  Yes, that will be ordered when the time comes.   I still want to finish my custom work, but now I’m not going to worry about even attempting to kit it.  I still figure it’ll pale by comparison, but I will be happy to have done it.   Pipeline Projects A and AFCY. 

5)      Package from Jt-Graphix is also incoming and will enter the pipeline under designation Project R.


So.. it’s not much, and doesn’t seem to do justice to the amount of time I’ve been fiddling on the desk.   But, there you have it.