Thursday, February 25, 2016

Followup on the Unboxing:

Following up on the unboxing vids I do.  Yeah, I know (now) that I got a lot of the guesses wrong for the Atlas.   The whole point of unboxing vids, for me, is to give the unglossed look at what I see when I open it up.  My first reactions, my impressions, and thoughts based on those first moments of opening it up.  I get things wrong.  It's ok, and in a way, it's a good thing. You see, it points out the essential aspect of looking up the instructions and the details of the build, any build, before cracking in.

These kits are amazing and there's always work to do on them. With that said, looking up the build notes is an essential step and will really save the modeler a headache going forward.

You also get a good look at what you can expect.  If a part isn't perfect, you'll see it.  I'm not selling these things, and if you hear me gushing over them it's because I really feel that.  If I'm disappointed, you'll see that too.   My intention for the vids is to let you have a realistic view into what it'll be like for you if you pick up one of these boxes.

So, there ya go.  The build-up guide for the Atlas is available and corrects the assumptions I got wrong.  And I tell ya, in my opinion, the aesthetic beats the heck out of the one Armorcast did so long ago.  Have fun with this one, all.  I know I'm going to.

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