Monday, August 24, 2015

Construction season soon..

So, sadly the workbench has seen a lot more "bench" than "work" of late. 

For the most part, July thru August sees an annual prioritization of a different pursuit, and I've not had much opportunity to attack the workbench.  That is not to say that the mental wheels have not been spinning, because they have.  Primarily on two fronts.

First, how to do the color scheme.   The Paint job for Project V is for someone who ran a merc company "back in the day."  That is to say, a while ago.  His Victor was "Black with gold trim."  So, ok.. Merc, which means "running on salvage."  Basic color scheme of black. I've seen some tutorials on non-metallic metals in black, and I think I can do those.  Since it'll be a Merc 'mech, there'll varied levels of weathering, coloration fading, etc.   The 'gold' is probably going to be more brass/bronze than gold.. depends.  I need to look at the overall silhouette and figure good places, locations for that coloration, and then weather those accordingly.

A challenge?  You bet.  But I think I can.. I think I can..

The second challenge is, of course, the cockpit. The TimberWolf had a very wide open viewscreen, and much of the cockpit detail was visible. Not so much with the Victor.  Te Victor's forward window is small, so there doesn't "need" to be a lot of detail.  Which means, I think I need to put an open-able hatch on it so all the cool cockpitty-stuff can be seen.  (?)  Or, you know, cheat and just do enough to make it look cool on the outside.  Yeah, that's not likely.  The thing I haven't figured out yet is just where said hatch should go.  I could have the head just lay back, opening up the whole tub, but that doesn't work with my engineer brain.  If *I* was building a mech for combat, that kind of vulnerability is the LAST thing I'd design into it.  I'm thinking that I need to find a good spot somewhere on the cranium to put a hatch. 

I also would like to pin-and-magnetize the main joints, so the client can play with poses.  That's minor stuff tho.