Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Project A-DDC: The Ultimate Steiner Scout Mech.

Unboxing the Ultimate Steiner Scout Mech: the FCY kit of the MWO Atlas.  This vid runs long, but it's because there are a ton of parts and lots to go over.  There are not enough recommendation words to use for this kit.. it's fabulous. The part count is huge, the quality is amazing and the design is excellent.  A TON of options for posing and customization.  All kinds of things to play with on this one, a modeler's and painter's dream!  I can't wait to get ripping into this one. 

The Video of the Unboxing

As always shout-outs and credits go to: 

Tim Fusco's Battlemech Site: 

Scott at Messy desk, the original kit's designer and builder:

The Atlas Buildup Link: 
Mechwarrior Online; the source for this design:

Thanks for watching.

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