Saturday, October 29, 2016

AS7-D-DC done.

AS7-D-DC complete.

Well, as complete as she's going to get for now.  There are still just a couple things I'd like to do on weathering but overall I'm happy.

The camoscheme was ... interesting.  I liked the way it looked in the MechLab, and when I laid it down on the Mech, at first I wasn't sure.  Then I dry-fit the Mech together and I really ended up liking it a lot.  Weathering it proved to be a bit of a challenge though.  The gray, the black and the red all took shades differently and I found that I needed various shades of brown to get the right "dirty" look for each color.  Then, after I did all that, it had the look of different types of soil and I really did like the overall appearance. 

The lighting in the cockpit was simple and I love how it came out.  Doing a cockpit would really have been cool, but overkill and it'd be like superdetailing the engine in a Tiger tank model that you then button up.  You know it's there, but you only see it in the photos of the pre-work. 

Overall, this kit gets an A+++.  Seriously.  The fitment was fabulous and the cleanup was absolutely minimal.  Being the huge Battletech fan that I am, the Atlas is one of those super-iconic 'Mechs, and this version of it was superb.  I can't gush enough over the workmanship. 

It is, without a doubt, a BEAST.  It really was a test of patience to keep working at it bit by bit and it was only in the last day or so when all the final bits of weathering started to bring it all together that it had that "pop."  It was definitely a wonderful kit to work.  I really enjoyed it. 

So, enough "waffling" as a certain fellow is want to say, and moving on to the pics.  Below are the video links and the pics.  Enjoy.  I did.

This is the view from my workstation.  I am kinda likin' that. : )