Thursday, June 8, 2017

Collected unboxings.

In the interest of collating all of the Battlemech Unboxings I've done, I'm listing them all below.  I suppose at some point I might find a way to make a playlist or whatever on the Yinztoob channel, but right now, this is easier. : )

FCY Templar Battlemech

FCY WolfHound Battlemech

FCY NovaCat Battlemech

FCY Owens Battlemech

FCY Atlas Battlemech 

FCY Loki Battlemech

FCY MadDog Mk IV Battlemech

FCY Victor Battlemech

FCY TimberWolf Mk II  Battlemech

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Signal Boost: Templar kit

BattleTech collectors on my feed: Boosting the Signal- TEMPLAR Battlemech in 1/60 scale

FCY is preparing a very limited run; a 1/60 scale resin kit of the TLR1-0 85 Ton Assault Battlemech, one of the first Omni-mech designs to come out of the Federated Suns in 3062.  I've mentioned FCY's kits before and I reiterate: these are some of the best quality resin kits I've ever dealt with.   This is a rare subject, likely to only ever see 15-20 kits made, if it goes to production.  Take a look:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

MechLab recap so far

Just because it's cool to go back and see where you are and where you've come from as you look ahead to where you're going.  Next on the plate is likely a scratch build of the Axeman.  I enjoyed the challenge of scratch-building the Hatchetman and Archer.  Eventually, there will be an FCY Wolfhound incoming soon.  

The Wolf's Dragoon's lineup. 

The Mechs I have had the opportunity to build up so far:

Atlas, TimberWolf Mk II, Warhammer, Archer, Victor, Hatchetman, DireWolf.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

AS7-D-DC done.

AS7-D-DC complete.

Well, as complete as she's going to get for now.  There are still just a couple things I'd like to do on weathering but overall I'm happy.

The camoscheme was ... interesting.  I liked the way it looked in the MechLab, and when I laid it down on the Mech, at first I wasn't sure.  Then I dry-fit the Mech together and I really ended up liking it a lot.  Weathering it proved to be a bit of a challenge though.  The gray, the black and the red all took shades differently and I found that I needed various shades of brown to get the right "dirty" look for each color.  Then, after I did all that, it had the look of different types of soil and I really did like the overall appearance. 

The lighting in the cockpit was simple and I love how it came out.  Doing a cockpit would really have been cool, but overkill and it'd be like superdetailing the engine in a Tiger tank model that you then button up.  You know it's there, but you only see it in the photos of the pre-work. 

Overall, this kit gets an A+++.  Seriously.  The fitment was fabulous and the cleanup was absolutely minimal.  Being the huge Battletech fan that I am, the Atlas is one of those super-iconic 'Mechs, and this version of it was superb.  I can't gush enough over the workmanship. 

It is, without a doubt, a BEAST.  It really was a test of patience to keep working at it bit by bit and it was only in the last day or so when all the final bits of weathering started to bring it all together that it had that "pop."  It was definitely a wonderful kit to work.  I really enjoyed it. 

So, enough "waffling" as a certain fellow is want to say, and moving on to the pics.  Below are the video links and the pics.  Enjoy.  I did.

This is the view from my workstation.  I am kinda likin' that. : )

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Atlas build update.

Because I just had to do it, I did it.  Guess "just build and paint it" isn't enough for me.  Since I really couldn't build a decent cockpit for this, I decided to go with the lighted eyes.  Ok, to be fair, I *could* have built a decent cockpit, but you'd never see it. At best, you might see the face of the pilot but there's no real point for that effort. 

The process for doing this is simple enough.  I took the head and started by drilling out the eyes.  I started with a 1.5 mm bit and worked in, taking the holes in deep enough to where I think I would end up with the holes from the bottom.  Then, I took a 1/8 drillbit and came in at an angle from the bottom until I felt the resistance give, which told me I made it to the eye holes. 

After the main holes were in place, then it was cleanup.  I took a carving bit for the dremel and opened up the juncture of the two holes to fit the lights.  As I did the work, I would periodically check it with a hand-held flashlight.

After that was all done, then it was a little bit of cleanup of the main opening at the face of the Atlas. 

Next up, I took two 1.8mm lights, bent them to a 90 deg. angle at the top and then soldered up the wires.  A quick check that the wiring was good and I positioned the lights up inside the head.  I held the lights in place for the moment with bits of electrical tape.

Once I was happy with the position and I had the lights taped in place, I mixed up some greenstuff and filled the hole, using it to lock the lights into place. 

The next steps will be to finish that up.  When the greenstuff is fully cured, I can pull the electrical tape and then fully seal up the hole with more greenstuff.  After all that is done, I'll fill the eyes with clear/translucent resin to give it a final finish. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Talky update

Pretty much just a thinking out loud and get started on the Atlas video.

Linky to the video

Got some work ahead of me. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Next project: AS7-D-DC

So, it looks like the  next project will be the AS7-D-DC. 

I got tired of looking up at my shelf where the DireWolf once stood and I needed some Inner Sphere tech.  I have the WHM-7R that I need to make some decisions on, and the decisions are about the same for both of these.  Essentially, the cockpit for the Warhammer and the Atlas both have small windows for the cockpits.  So, I could go through the effort of making awesome cockpits and details for each of these, but in all honesty, you'd never see anything.  So, I have decisions.

    1)  backlight the windows for both.  So, put electronics in appropriate spots and backlight the windows for the cockpit.  (and the spotlight for the Warhammer, etc)
    2)  do a straight-forward build-and-paint. The windows are small, so maybe just do a glass-paint scheme and paint.

Other than that, the Atlas is going to be carrying a Gauss rifle rather than the AC-20.  I have the Gauss built and ready to go. (Pic below)  Also, I am not a fan of the head locked to the shoulders.  Looking at the pieces, I can put the head on a pivot, and there is room for the head to rotate at least 20 or so degrees in each angle.  To do that, I'm going to have to put some extra details in on the lower part of the head assembly.  Doing that, though, is easy enough.  Doing that will give the overall Mech the ability to have a more dynamic look. 

As for paint scheme, I'll go with the Grey-and-red I've been using for the Wolf's Dragoon's detachment I've been doing.  It's a start...