Friday, November 20, 2015

Winding down and gearing up.

Projects V and H are in the final stages. 

The battery cases for the LR44's finally came in and I can now get them installed into the machines.  That was the last bit I was waiting for. 

Last evening I finished off the cockpit of the Hatchetman, then attached the head to the torso and sealed it.  With the wiring and switch all installed, and the primary assembly done, now it's all about the final painting and detailing.  I'll be mounting this to a base, just to keep it stable and safe.  JrJrJr may end up using it if we can ever play a game or two of full-scale Battletech.  Even if not, the base is good for the pose and dynamics of the model itself. 

As I think on it, I believe that I'm rather pleased with how well the general design came out, especially the torso.  The legs are "meh" and I can see things I'd rather do differently.  The torso could use a slightly wider waist for the pivot.  The arms could stand more detail.  You get the idea.   I'm going to let the putty cure on it before I finish the painting, so the final reveal shots will probably be around Thanksgiving, and yawl can tell me what you think. 

All in all, I learned a ton while working this model up.  The biggest lessons were about sculpting and casting.  Sculpting is a pretty interesting technique, but I think I would rather do a build-up of parts rather than actually sculpt them.   The arms for the H were sculpts, everything else was build-up from frames, greeblies and putty.  Those tend to look better, probably because I have a ton more experience with that and can do it better. 

As for casting, I'd really like to give vacuum and pressure a try.  I'll need the equipment to do it, and that'd be a fairly sizable investment.  Thing is, I really learn best hands-on, and without a mentor to guide me, I'm hesitant to just start spending money.  I have about 4 grand in rc helicopter stuff sitting around because I didn't know what I was doing, and I'd rather not waste $ on buying a pressure container that I can't actually use.  Then again, even if I DID get good equipment, will I use it enough to justify it?  I can see options; not just 'Mech designs, but props and things for the Professor as well as the Mandalorian projects.  But, again, will it be worth it?  I'm no JPG Productions and doubt I'd ever get to that skill level.  So.. is it worth it?  Need to think on it.

Project V is also pretty close to done.  I finalized the cockpit and got it all wired up and inset into the head.  I just need to finish the wiring for it, and then just put it all together.  Unlike the H, the Victor was able to be mostly completed without the cockpit.  That is just a drop-in to the head and then set that in to the tub of the torso.  All the wiring and everything around the cockpit is internal and so I was able to mostly complete the painting and everything for it before now.

This one was a pure assemble job, very little custom work needed except for all the dremelling of the torso and head to fit in the cockpit.  Love this kit and it was worth every penny of the commission to get it.  HWSNBN will hopefully like it as well.  As with the Hatchetman, I should have it finally completed sometime next week, and reveal shots will come out then. 

Now it's time to gear up for the Atlas and Warhammer.  Right about the time I get these done, I'll put a bit of time in on the warehouse background and then the Atlas should be arriving.  Now that I have some other techniques learned and under the belt, I think I'm ready to tackle that and the Warhammer. 

Keep on keepin' on...

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