Friday, November 13, 2015

Productive week

So, this week has been a good one.  The doc told me I needed to take some time away from work, so I've spent it mostly focused on working up Proj H and V. 

I got most of the base colors and build done for H.  I just need a couple details to show up in the mail so I can finish the cockpit build, and do the final assembly.  As it is now, it's time to start all the fiddlybits of doing the shading, rusting and dusting. 

The chipping has been completed, and I've done a lot of the panel shading completed.  Now I'm working on slowly building up all the score marks, oil streaks, leaks, and and impact damage. 

Oh, and every good mechwarrior names their ride,  yeah?   Considering that Jrjrjr is a 40K demons player....  it fits his style.   The closeup looks like crap because I haven't finished all the blending, but ..yeah.  

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