Saturday, November 14, 2015

slightly better photos

I didn't like the color balance and exposure of taking shots on my desk, so I threw together a little warehouse background to take some other photos against.  I need a good display for the Mechs as I finish *mine* (I only have the one), and a warehouse interior is what I always visualize.  So, I figured I may as well knock off the basics and I can do a build-up of it and all as time goes forward, but for now it gives a better spot to take in-progress pics.

I still need to do a lot of weathering to both, and especially to the Victor.  That's why the AC is still off.  I want that part to be blatantly new-ish relative to the rest of the 'mech.  Once I have this thing all pigmented up, etc, I'll attach it.

The last shot above you can see the start of the glow effect I'm doing on the Medium Laser emitters. Some folk may go for the lens look but I like this better.  :)

I'm waiting on the battery containers for these two and a couple bits and bobs to finish up the cockpit build.  However, the basic components are nearly ready.  The H will have the cockpit actually assembled into the head and dropped into the torso.  I find it funny.. I'm doing it that way because it's the most convenient given the shape of the head and the cockpit.   And this is the one mech where the whole head/cockpit is an escape pod.  Yeah.. geek humor.   Until I get the decals for instrumentation that I'm waiting for, I can't do much more on it.   I was surprised at just how much of the surface of the interior would be visible. 

As for the V, the cockpit is actually in a tub that will be attached to the canopy.  I have a magnet in the bottom, and there's a magnet mounted in the hollowed out part of the torso, the whole of which will let the cockpit turn based on HWSNBN's desire.   I have the lights mounted on the tub and all I need left to do here is get the instrumentation panels installed and then attach it to the hollowed out head.  

So, there we go.  Off to weather and beat these things up. 

More to come later..

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