Friday, November 27, 2015

now what...

Well, the Jumpship has been deployed; Project H and V-1 are on their way to the recipients.  Which leaves me with the question, now what?

Project A-DDC is on the way, but the materials likely won't be arriving for a bit, so now what? 

I have these:
..and any one of them would be a good one to get stuck in on.  The Timberwolf has been waiting for the longest, but I am thinking that I might want to let the DDC be the next 'Mech to roll off the assembly line. 
Or, there is thought to work up a Daishi.  Mechwarrior Callsign "AngryHippy" is a huge fan of that one.  Mr. Fusco did a kit of that one at one time, but it's been a while and I haven't been able to find one available.  If I'm going to do that, it'll be another custom build.  With that said, if I were to make the Daishi, then we might actually be able to get a few games of 1:60 Battletech going with 4+ people.   It's something to think about. 
One other thing that has been percolating in the back of my brain as a want to do is the light freighter from SWTOR.   A kit was made some time ago and it didn't last as available for long.  I would have preferred to get my paws on that one, but since that seems unlikely, I'm giving thought to doing that one scratch built as well.  If I were to do it, it'd be another one I'd do up in 1:60.  Yeah, I seem stuck on that scale but truthfully, I like it.  I like having models that can work for scenery or objectives in games, and honestly, c'mon..being able to make the model is cool, but being able to show it off over and over at the FLGS is even cooler. :)
Decisions, decisions..

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Tim Fusco said...

Didn't talk of the Daishi? I could do one with a removable cockpit...

Oh, and for God's sake...stop calling me Mr. Fusco. That makes me feel's Tim. Only my students call me Mr. Fusco. ;P