Monday, March 28, 2016


well Frak, that didn't go quite as planned.

I got the Archer's center torso completed and decided that, sure, I'll go ahead and make a quick mold of it so I can replicate it if I want to.  I mean, I have 90% of the parts molded so why not?  I formed up the framework and mixed the mold rubber and poured.  Then stuff just went all caddywumpus.  The master is hollow, and so it floated.  Apparently it was big enough to separate the glue from the base of the mold and float the master in the pool of expensive goo.  Lovely.

Fortunately, I am the creative sort.  So, I just flipped the thing around, and put a board across the top of the mold shell, which effectively just held the part down in the pool.  Basically it meant that the "base" was the top, not the bottom.  Cool. I was all proud of myself for figuring that out.

This morning, after the stuff had cured, I cut out the master.


First, apparently the mold rubber didn't 100% cure against the master, and I have no idea why.  Either it was a layer of not-quite-mixed rubber against the master from when I poured it in the first place, or there was something on the surface layer of the master that caused it.  I have no idea what that would be, as I've used the exact same stuff in all the other masters I've made.

Either way, my master is now covered with rubber goo and I have to figure out how to clean it.  Remember, my "master" this time is the actual part I plan to use, complete with the cockpit.  Added to that, when I look, there was a leak of rubber into the cockpit and there is a block of rubber in the front of the cockpit window.  So, I get to crack off the canopy glass, clear out the rubber and HOPE that at least that stuff cured and will clean without leaving a mess on the canopy.

Yeah, that all really took the wind out of my sails on this particular project.  And I was close too.

Going to just work at work today and try to put it out of my mind, and  hope the cure finishes through today and I'll look at it tonight.

** Update:  Well, the mold cured, but the residue on the master did not.  And, as it is, the stuff where it did not cure is only on the large sides that were just primed Sintra.   That's interesting.  This stuff (moldstar 15-slow) doesn't cure if you use latex gloves or if the clay you're using has sulfer. So apparently, Sintra has whatever it is that inhibits cure.   Yes, I used Sintra in my other masters but I also tended to have them almost all fully encased in bondo or cardstock.   So that's something to remember. 

I also got the cockpit popped and cleared.  I attached a couple of shots of what I was dealing with. 

Moving on. :)

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