Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Recoverable. Moving forward.

It'll do.

So, I have a cleanup to do, but I can recover the center torso master part.  I may rework the canopy as well, but we'll see.  I actually bought two of them when I got them, so What I may do is just use this one while I paint up the master and assemble the model, then swap it out with a new one when I finally "finish" it.

The mold gives an ok pull.  The sides are pretty crappy, but that's really something that can be fixed with some sandpaper.  Again, it's not like I'm selling these, I just have it so I can duplicate the model if I want to.  And, as luck would have it, all the detail parts, or main viewing parts of the torso, are just fine.  The worst of it is actually on parts that'll be covered by the left and right torso missile launcher pods.

I could even probably clean this up to make a new mold, but why bother.  I have what I need, and I the work involved to clean up the part is minimal enough to not warrant the expense of having to make another mold.  (that stuff is expensive.)  I'll just toss this in the box of other "almost good enough" parts to play with later, along with the molds.

That leaves the shoulder armor, the torso turret, and then painting and assembling.

I might actually get this done before Kerensky leaves the Inner Sphere...

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