Thursday, March 17, 2016

Project R: Starting to look like an Archer.

I've made the progress on getting the arms prepped, leaving only the shoulder "pauldron" armor plates yet to go.  The medium laser emitters are ready and that mold is working ok.   With that said, I really kinda like the way some of the builds look in MWO, specifically putting SRM6's on the arms.  I may make a pair of arms that have that configuration as well.

Or, maybe I'll just make a second Archer.  Someday.  Maybe.

With that said, I started to fiddle with the cockpit and I became less and less enamored of the pilot.  It's ok, it's a typical 28mm mini, a bit of detail here and there but somewhat blocky and just kinda "meh."  So, I ended up just ordering a detailed Yak-22 pilot and Martin-Baker ejection seat to go in there.  I can add a little bit of piping and a Neurohelmet to finish off that detail and from there, complete the instrumentation and detail of the cockpit.

I also am just not happy with the canopy.  Too big, too bulky.  I also am not that great at piecing together clear parts, and don't have a vacc former.  (A technology that might be worth investigating at some point.)   So, I'm going to try something a bit different, I ordered a canopy for a De Havilland Mosquito.. it's got that short, fat and low look that should work on the front of the Archer.  I'll have to see if I can finagle it and get it to work.  If not, then I'll have to try something else.   Mechs like the Loki are easier, a bubble canopy works fine.  Or the Hatchetman, Victor or Timberwolf, I can form thin clear across the inside of the superstructure.  I'll be doing the same thing on Project D. So, let's see how we do.

The last decision to make is the paint scheme.  I'm torn as I have a couple of options.  First, I can go with my own unit's grey-and-red scheme.  I like the look of it and I know how to weather the grey well enough.  I also would like to do a nice broken-line urban camo with variable levels of grey.   The other option is to make *the* Mech that I've read about so much.. the Blue and Gold Archer.  My only hesitation is that I'd have to figure out how to highlight and weather it, and that I'll likely have to learn how to use this airbrush thing, as there's no good rattle-can blues to use.

Back to.. maybe I'll make a second one.  Maybe.

I've gotten the shield plates on the hip joint and I think I'll put similar on the foot/ankle as the MWO incarnation has them and I like the look.  Anyway, here she is so far.


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