Wednesday, September 30, 2015


..crap.  I was just going through some of the sketches for the inspiration for Project H, and realized; I forgot the jumpjets. 

Ok.. I can fix this. They're mounted to the legs, so I can make Jumpjet greeblies to add to the thigh or shins. 

Another thing I'm still chewing on is the AC-10 mounted in the right torso.  In almost all the sketches, it's represented as just a hole in the front armor.  Blech.  I think that looks stupid.  But then, just having a tube sticking out of the armor would look just as bad.   I might want to alter it a bit to mount a gun assembly something like the under-slung package that the Atlas carries.  At least that would have a more interesting look to the build. 

The MLs mounted to each arm are simple enough, but that AC-10 definitely needs some design work. 

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