Tuesday, September 29, 2015

coupla pix -Project H.

First attempt at the legs.

Given my experience casting.. I'm not entirely unhappy.  

The foot came out ok.. a bit of cleanup and it should be ok.  The lower shin..same.  I'm not very happy with the scribe lines but I think I can clean that up too.  The upper thigh is better, that one I'm actually happy about.  The hip joint is ... meh.   I cast a greeblie for the the outside of it and that I am NOT happy over.  However, I have the greeblie from which I cast it that I can use.  .. I'll try a second run on that. 

the molds

The first set of casts

 First set of casts with the original pieces. The thigh piece lost the center detail strip in the de-molding, but it shows clearly on the cast pieces.

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