Thursday, October 1, 2015

more work

Well, I did some cleanup and rework on Proj. H's legs.  I found that I don't like the ankle.  I am wondering if it would be better as a ball-and-pin.. where the ball sits into the ankle of the armored shin, and a pin goes into the top of the foot.  What I have done for this one is just cut the ankle and pinned it for rotation parallel to the ground.   If I were to try casting it for others, that might be what I'd think about, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to go that route yet. 

Even though I beefed up the legs a little, they still have that spindly look that the H is notorious for, so that was a side benefit.  I also re-cast the greeblies for the outside of the hip joint and I'm much happier about that one.


I was starting to get a bit concerned that it might be a bit out of scale to the 45 ton size of the Hatchetman. So I pulled the lower part of Project V-1 and set it side-by-side with them, and it looks like it just might be right. 

Now on to the hip and torso.....

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