Monday, September 28, 2015

It begins.

So, Project H and Project V-1 are underway.  I do not expect P-H to be up to the standards of followers of guys like Fusco or MessyDesk, but hopefully it'll be good enough for the son of he-who-shall-not-be-named.  The intent is to make the pieces such that I can pseudo-cast them.  In essence, I'd like to be able to replicate them a couple of times, but the expectations I have on the casting are not high.  I don't own a de-gasser or a pressure caster, both items I would like to acquire at some point.  However, I did pick up some Mold-star 20-t and a some big ol' jugs of smooth-cast 300.  At the least, the parts should come out serviceable and give a decent base shape upon which to build up the details and final structures for it.

So, to start off project H... the foot. 

The 'Mech's design, as shows in the TRO, looks crappy.  It's just waaaay to spindly to be functional to my engineering brain.  So the build I'm making is going to have a much more MWO feel to it, and while it'll still have the curves and main shapes that the H is famous for, the legs and arms are going to be a bit beefier and more armored.  I have a concept in mind for the hip joint that'll allow for it to open its stance, and that should allow for some dynamic poses.  As I write this, it comes to me that also changes the way I'm going to do the hip-torso parts, making it as a 3-part linkage rather than a ball/socket or Pin. 

(I love it when my engineer brain can play) 

This is my first use of the Moldstar 20-t.  it's basically the same as 16-T as far as setup time and cure time.  The big difference I see is the color.  16-t A & B are blue and white, giving an off-blue color when mixed and you can see the unmixed "a" part.   This stuff is all translucent, so it's harder for me to tell if it's fully mixed.  The benefit is that I can see the airbubbles that are in the matrix as it's mixed.  (hence the desire for a de-gasser.)  I don't think that there are MORE bubbles in this than in the 16-T, just that I can actually see them, so now I'm aware of them.  However, I have been happy with the 2 test molds I've made with this stuff so far. 

The first castings of the Proj H feet came out and they're up to the standard I expected.  They're decent if a bit rough, but the general shape now is good compared to having to build them each up from stock. 

Project V-1 has my hands shaking.  I commissioned Mr Fusco for the V and that was no small request.  The kit is absolutely superb and I love this machine.  The catch it's time to cut into it.  Yep, building up the cockpit and lighting the thing, which means taking the dremel to the head and torso.  That's the part that I am just a-skeered to do. Yeah, it'll be fine once the blade hits resin, but it's that first dig that's hard.   I have blue 1.8mm leds to hook up for the lighting and I'll put that in the forward upper part of the cockpit head and since it'll be a closed cockpit, I only really have to detail the pilot, seat and the back of the compartment.  I'm thinking of giving it a bit of a Millennium falcon look, with glowy switches in the back, but then I think that's a bit out of character for the machine.  It really should have more of a fighter/bomber look, with the controls easily accessable for a single pilot.  So I have to find a good mix of "looking cool" and "looking functional." 

Oh yeah.. Neurohelmet.  This one has to have the old-school Inner-sphere neuro helmet.  It IS an old-school Inner Sphere Merc 'Mech, after all. 

I want to build this up with as much a realistic look as possible.  I have to determine the battle damage level, paint scarring, and the general stance.  The ankles and knees for this will need to be set.  The hip and shoulders are likely more posable, and can be left movable.  I am considering pinning the elbows so they can be posable as well, but that may be more effort than it's worth.  It may just make sense to set the whole machine in a threatening pose with the AC-20 raised. 

Also, the SRM-4 launcher on the front torso is another point for detail.  I'd like to drill them out a bit more and drop in "missile tips" so it has the loaded launcher look.  I haven't figured out what to use to make those tips yet, but I'll come up with something.  

This one will definitely be battle damaged. I'm contemplating having a couple parts have the "salvaged from the battlefield" look with either a different paintjob or alternatively a "very very brand new" paint scheme to it, complete with missmatched colors and so on.  ..

Here goes......

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