Friday, August 19, 2016

well... NOW what?

With Prometheus finally completed, and us with a happy AngryHippy, I'm left trying to figure out what to do next.

I have several options in the pipeline I could work on.  In just the 'Mech arena alone there are the below:

Yamato Destroid mod and painted to Warhammer Widowmaker.
Armorcast Timberwolf
FCY Timberwolf Mk II
FCY Dervish- mod to a Trebuchet
FCY Atlas
Workshop Inquisitorial Knight Titan
FCY MadDog Mk IV
FCY Victor
FCY Loki
Dreamforge Leviathan

With that said, I'm also a little bored with the "rusted out factory walls" background I have for my 'Mech Display, and am seriously tempted to construct a Mechbay.  It would need to display at least a Lance, which would mean 4 work bays.  That'd put it about 36" long by about a foot wide and about 13-14" tall. 

Not to mention the Bolt-Action armor that needs to be painted and the dozen or so other projects in the works. 
-Stalingrad gaming table
-ISU-152 tank
-BT-7A Tanks 2
-KV-2 tank (if it ever shows up)

Decisions, decisions. 

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