Thursday, August 18, 2016

Prometheus Completed

ell, I finally have Prometheus completed and delivered to AngryHippy.  So, now I can put up the reveal pics and video. This was a bit of a challenging project in many ways, and I learned plenty of lessons.  I am becoming much more comfortable with the cockpit lighting techniques, and I think I have a few ideas on what to do going forward.  The Photo-etch cockpit details are great, they do a lot of good light-blockage and they can detail up places that are visible in through the view port/windscreen.  The DireWolf has a large canopy that allows for more visible detail.  Typically, a Mech's window is small and you only see the pilot and what is behind him. (like the Hatchetman or Victor.)   The Atlas barely would have anything visible, so there really isn't any point in building a cockpit at all, just make the main eye glow.  Same for the Warhammer.

The dust effects worked well on the panel lines and I liked the pin-wash effect of dust color rather than dark shading.  It gave me the option of fading into the panels better and cutting the bright green.  Buff shading the panels also did a nice job.  I wish my photos were better but you get the idea.

I still really hate the hard-edge tiger stripes.  It's the scheme AH wanted, so as long as he's happy, that's what matters.  I may do soft-edge/airbrush tiger stripes on my next Mech, depending on which Mech I do.  I have quite the selection to choose from. 

This Kit is very well done, and I think FCY did a great job with it. The challenges I mention above are all due to the modifications I wanted to do as well as the paint scheme and other not-kit-design issues.  The design is solid and well thought out.  The joints are capable of some very good modifications for dynamic poses.  It didn't take too much effort to modify the leg poses, although the arms would have needed some work on the elbows if I had wanted to alter those.  Still, the joint is pretty easy, so it wouldn't be too tough. 

Babbling done, might as well move on to the part yawl really want anyway: Here are a few pics I took of her, and the link to the reveal Video is Right Here.


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