Monday, August 15, 2016


Prometheus work continues apace.

I've been away for a while and not had much opportunity to work on it, but am getting back into it.  As it is, I have the lower legs pretty much completed, with some final filtering details to clean up and finish.  I don't like some of the oil leaks on the back and I want to re-filter and blend those a bit more. 

I have the torso and upper arms being worked on now.  The cockpit lights work about where I'd like them.  I learned a lot of things on this one and I have plans to do more better going forward.  I like the screens and the way they light the pilot but I want to see them be a bit cleaner.  The small cockpit window of the Dire Wolf hides a lot of ugly, but it wouldn't work so well on something like a TimberWolf. 

I really do NOT like hard-edge stripes.  They're what Angryhippy wants, as it's what he sees in his mind for Prometheus and that's what I'm going for.  I pulled images from the interwubs and did the best I could.  Fortunately, he also really wants this to have a beat-up and battered look, so a lot of the things I don't like about them is going to get faded away in the weathering and damage. 

I still have to detail up the framework obviously, but there is the quick look at the installed cockpit.  

I put the torso on the leg assembly and took a few shots, so see below for where we are.  I'm only just getting started on the detailing painting and the weathering/battledamage.  The main "big strikes" are in but there's a ton of piping detail and the like that still needs to be done up as well as all the shading and so on. 

Above is the panel removed to show the switch for the lights.  The other panel also moves aside to reveal the LR-44 battery compartment. 

Movin on.. movin on.

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