Friday, June 6, 2014

TimberWolf II, pt. 2.

Keepin' on keepin' on. 

The work on the Timberwolf II continues apace. Sadly, work-what-pays-the-bills has been more than a little demanding and I've only been able to dedicate an hour or so a night to the work-that-is-fun.  With the customization, that doesn't allow for a lot of progress.  Do a bit of greenstuff..then wait for it to cure.  Do a bit of Greenstuff..then wait for it to cure.  However, I think I am finally to the point where I can basecoat the upper half of the mech. 

It took me a while to come up with the paint scheme, and in the end, I decided to go with the color combos I have for the Inquisition.  It's a dark gray base with a single blood-maroon stripe.  For me, she's going to fulfill a couple of desires.  She can do a stand-in as an Imperial Knight or possibly a Warhound Titan on those rare opportunities for me to field such things in the 40K world.  When not doing that, she will make a nice centerpiece for a "coming back from a very long campaign" display.  Battered, bruised, the hard touch of wear and weather all around, giving her a gritty surviving veteran look. 

The Lower half, from the hips on down, is about finished.  I decided on a little bit of a wide stance with a slightly downward canted angle for the hip.  I wanted to give it a somewhat dynamic look, while it could also not be out of place if, at sometime in the future, I wanted to develop a "mech bay" diorama display for her.  Depending on the angle of the torso, it can give the impression of a 'Mech at rest or one about to cut loose.  I like that.  I pinned the hips and knees, but the weight of the model was too much to be able to rely solely on friction to stay in place.  The hip joint to the torso is also pinned and it should be able to stay movable and easily disassembled for transport.  (note to self.. I might want to look into a Helmet case for her to as a display...) 

I don't think I'm happy with the battery case, but the jury is still out on that. 

Lrms.  Lrrrrrrmmmmzzzz... gotta haz llllrrrrmmmmzzzz.  Yes, it sounds just like it does in  your head.   I saw Scott over at Messy Desk did a nice LRM20 conversion to the pods and now I'm all kinds of tempted to do that.  Of course, there is a piece of me that wants to pop open all those tubes.  Then again, there's a piece of me that is an idiot too.  Lrm10's on a 90 tonner, I dunno.  Ya know, I might just wait until June 16 and see what the Clannerz actually end up fielding.   I know I always preferred the 15's on my tabletop Timberwolf, but the 10's might enable a bit bigger engine or more dakka.  Why, yes, I *am* using MWO to help me make decisions, why do you ask?  :P   Decisions decisions.  

Yeah, no pics today.  Later.

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