Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mostly done.

So, here we are, pretty much finished with the TimberWolf MkII.  I had an absolute blast working on this one and am almost content with the outcome.  I am still waiting for the decals to be completed and once done, applied and set.. this project will be complete and I can move on to the next.

I went with my gray and maroon colorscheme, and that matches the scheme that I envision for the Wolves-in-Exile.  It'll also go well with my 28mm army scheme too.  Call that a win.  The cockpit came out well, perhaps not quite as well as I had hoped, but not too bad considering.  The next one I do will have some lessons learned.   The weathering and scarring is intentional.  I wanted her to have that gritty, menacing look of a veteran from campaigns.  I used the same scoring techniques as I did when I did Starbuck's Viper MkII, and have been happy with the result.  This was also the first time I'd used the salt technique for rust effects and that *really* came out well.  It gave the paint a 3-d look to it where the corrosion had begun to wear away under the paint..   I imagine the techs will have quite the job ahead of them replacing panels and the armor plates.

So, enough babbling.  On with the photos:

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Matt Dimpel said...

Insane work. Love the detailing and weathering...