Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Next up...

So, what's next?

With the TimberWolf Mk II just waiting for a few finishing touches, the Manufactorum is ready to be retooled for a new project.  I have a couple of options, and just need to make a decision.

1) Resume Project T-1.  I started out to work on a Prime-variant Timberwolf, when the Mk-II came across my desk.  I could return to this one and finish, although it's much more like "getting started" as I really hadn't gotten very far. 

2) Project W.  The iconic Mechwarrior Battlemech, now unseen, and "the" mech along with the Phoenix Hawk and Jenner that I ran with almost exclusively on the tabletop game. 

3) Try my hand at building from scratch.  This one is the biggest challenge.  While both the above will require heavy custom work to make them what I envision, including custom cockpits and detailing, this is the project that is "all new."   Then again, this is also the project that would push my limits more and make me learn.  There are some models that come to mind immediately:

       Atlas.  I mean..seriously.  The ultimate Steiner scout mech, and the "other" iconic Battlemech that just says "badness."  It's big, it's recognizable and it's a menace to the badguys on the field.  I think Armorcast did one at one point, but I never did see it if they did. 
       Jenner. This one is a personal favorite, just because it is my current favorite scout Mech.  Jenner-7F, Twin SSRM and 4 ML, along with 150+ kph of pure annoyance.
       Phoenix Hawk. Again, a personal favorite.  One of those "are you frakking kidding me" moments during the first table-top campaign we ever ran.  Took out a stalker at long range with a bloody lucky headshot.  Yeah, I know, it's another of the unseen, but I still like it.
      Wolfhound.  If you grok the lore, it makes sense. : )

Decisions to make, things to do. 

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