Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Next project: AS7-D-DC

So, it looks like the  next project will be the AS7-D-DC. 

I got tired of looking up at my shelf where the DireWolf once stood and I needed some Inner Sphere tech.  I have the WHM-7R that I need to make some decisions on, and the decisions are about the same for both of these.  Essentially, the cockpit for the Warhammer and the Atlas both have small windows for the cockpits.  So, I could go through the effort of making awesome cockpits and details for each of these, but in all honesty, you'd never see anything.  So, I have decisions.

    1)  backlight the windows for both.  So, put electronics in appropriate spots and backlight the windows for the cockpit.  (and the spotlight for the Warhammer, etc)
    2)  do a straight-forward build-and-paint. The windows are small, so maybe just do a glass-paint scheme and paint.

Other than that, the Atlas is going to be carrying a Gauss rifle rather than the AC-20.  I have the Gauss built and ready to go. (Pic below)  Also, I am not a fan of the head locked to the shoulders.  Looking at the pieces, I can put the head on a pivot, and there is room for the head to rotate at least 20 or so degrees in each angle.  To do that, I'm going to have to put some extra details in on the lower part of the head assembly.  Doing that, though, is easy enough.  Doing that will give the overall Mech the ability to have a more dynamic look. 

As for paint scheme, I'll go with the Grey-and-red I've been using for the Wolf's Dragoon's detachment I've been doing.  It's a start...

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