Sunday, September 18, 2016

Atlas build update.

Because I just had to do it, I did it.  Guess "just build and paint it" isn't enough for me.  Since I really couldn't build a decent cockpit for this, I decided to go with the lighted eyes.  Ok, to be fair, I *could* have built a decent cockpit, but you'd never see it. At best, you might see the face of the pilot but there's no real point for that effort. 

The process for doing this is simple enough.  I took the head and started by drilling out the eyes.  I started with a 1.5 mm bit and worked in, taking the holes in deep enough to where I think I would end up with the holes from the bottom.  Then, I took a 1/8 drillbit and came in at an angle from the bottom until I felt the resistance give, which told me I made it to the eye holes. 

After the main holes were in place, then it was cleanup.  I took a carving bit for the dremel and opened up the juncture of the two holes to fit the lights.  As I did the work, I would periodically check it with a hand-held flashlight.

After that was all done, then it was a little bit of cleanup of the main opening at the face of the Atlas. 

Next up, I took two 1.8mm lights, bent them to a 90 deg. angle at the top and then soldered up the wires.  A quick check that the wiring was good and I positioned the lights up inside the head.  I held the lights in place for the moment with bits of electrical tape.

Once I was happy with the position and I had the lights taped in place, I mixed up some greenstuff and filled the hole, using it to lock the lights into place. 

The next steps will be to finish that up.  When the greenstuff is fully cured, I can pull the electrical tape and then fully seal up the hole with more greenstuff.  After all that is done, I'll fill the eyes with clear/translucent resin to give it a final finish. 

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