Friday, April 29, 2016

Next up: Project A-H.

With the Archer production line closed down, it's time to turn the resources to the next task.  This time. Project A-H.   This one is a build of a salvaged FCY Kit, with fabricated new parts and, of course, the usual DropshipSerenity updates and mods.

What I have is 2/3 of an FCY Dire Wolf kit.  We won't mention how we were able to obtain this rare  BattleMech salvage, because we would like to keep our agents in the field.  The fight must have been brutal, as both arm Omnipods are missing, however we have the full torso structure and the legs are 90% complete.  The shin myomer muscle shells were missing, so we'll have to fabricate those along with left and right upper arms and omnipods.

The project is not for the DropshipSerenity Expeditionary Forces, once it's complete it'll be delivered to one of our allies: Mechwarrior callsign 'AngryHippy.'  At his request, the DireWolf will be kitted out and painted up as Victor Steiner-Davion's Prometheus.  (ugh.. green.. that'll be fun to highlight and weather...)  The loadout is pretty straightforward and I expect this one to move at a decent pace.  The torso will need to be cleared out and access made for the cockpit and pilot.  That will probably be the part that takes the longest.

Pics will come once I start construction and painting.  If you'd like to see what the full kit looked like when FCY still had them; you can follow this link here to his buildup.

While the shop gears up for this build, the Engineering department is toying with drawings for a Spider or Jenner.   Some of the guys on the line have expressed interest in a Kodiak, but with 2 Steiner Scout 'Mechs already on the wait line, I'm thinking that a light 'Mech or two may be a good addition to the DSEF Drop Deck.

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