Monday, January 18, 2016

Project R - Part 3

I had a chance to spend some time on the Archer today.  For the most part, I finished off the engineering of the leg and got the big parts shaped up.  

The knee joint allows for a bend and the upper part to the thigh allows a slight twist that will give the machine a bit of a chance to open it's stance.  I'm still on the fence a little about this part, as I could also do a ball/socket joint on it, but I think this is a cleaner build and more true to the the MWO look.  It also is simpler to cast up.    I have managed to keep the parts symmetrical so they'll cast up for both legs.   The way I sketched it out, the join to the hip will be an add-on part to the upper section and that can also be symmetrical and cast.  

I've also done the template for the shoulder and the main torso.  I had the shoulder launchers about to form up but then when I put them against the center torso, they looked a bit short.  So I stretched them a bit and redid the work on them.  Primarily with the center torso/cockpit, I'm wanting to rough out the main shape and then I think I might have to just drill into it after it's cast.  I'm still chewing on how to do that.  I want the cockpit built in to the form, but I'm having issues visualizing how to do the canopy cover.  More to chew on with that. 

In case you can't tell, yes, I'm intentionally trying to build this thing with a mind to casting the parts to make things easier to do.  In fact pretty much the whole thing is right/left symmetrical, so I should be able to just build one of each part, mold and cast them and be able to roll from there.  I can already see that this one has better detail and the parts are more along the lines of what I wanted out of them.  I really learned a great deal with the Hatchetman and those lessons are starting to show.

I still have a lot to do on these, but here's where we are so far.

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