Thursday, June 11, 2015

updatedness updates

So here we go.  There is some bench movement, of a sort. 

First, I did  a couple of unboxing videos.   I have two subjects on my to do shelf that I'm starting to cleanup in prep for actual work.  The first is the BadAzz Raptor from BSG. 

The unboxing for that is here

To clarify any possible confusion, I really like this kit.  I have always like the concept of the raptor in BSG and thought the whole UH-1 concept craft helped give that whole atmosphere a more realistic military feel.   The Raptor has a good utilitarian sense to it and this model is a very nice version of it. 

Of course, I plan to light this one.   I need to figure out where and how, but yeah.. This isn't going to be a quick and easy project.  But I'm ok with that.. Why should they be? 

The second unboxing is the Jenner, from Thor's Mechworks.   The unboxing vid is here.

Like most printed items, it has the raised ridges on the surface, but they're really not all that bad.  I've played around a bit with some putty options and it looks like that'll address most of those issues.    I love my SSRM-packin' Jenner in MWO.   

This one..the cockpit will be .. Uhm.. Cramped?  :)   I am unsure at this point how I'm going to handle this.  I think what I may end up doing is prepping a copy of the main body, so if I screw up cutting into this one, I can just do a solid re-paint.  However, the scale is very tight for a 1/60 cockpit.  I may end up having to pull a 1/72 tub to base off of.   I want to make sure I keep it in line with the TimberWolf,  and the others I have in the pipeline. 

… more to come.

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