Tuesday, December 29, 2015


So, I was out today with the friends, and we were chatting a bit about Btech.  I'd like to come up with some scenarios where we can play with the big boys.  Right now, we have only a few:  The Hatchetman, the Victor and my Timberwolf II.   JrJrJr. enjoys the games we're having with the tabletop scale, and I was thinking what I'd try to do over the next few months is put together his lance and maybe a lance that he could oppose.  I have the DDC on the way, with a Dervish and the WHM-7R on the shelf. 

The thing is, I thought he was liking pairing up the Dervish and the Hatchetman.  We were talking today and I misunderstood.. he prefers the Trebuchet, not Dervish.   Hmmmm.  Well that's vexing.  Vexing, but not an insurmountable hurdle.

The Treb and Dervish are similar in size and general build.  I may be able to rework the Dervish that came in recently on the FCY jumpship, and build up a Treb.  I need to do some study and drawings to see what I can do here.

I also would like to come up with a couple more mechs that won't take me a year to build either.  Hmm..that might be somewhat.... challenging.  But we'll see.    FCY is coming out, eventually, with a few more designs, but unfortunately most of them are Clanners.   Not that it means I won't go for it.. when the Loki hits the production line, I know I'm in on that.  Heck, the Clanner update of the Warhammer? Duh.   However, I have an affinity for Inner Sphere technology, and prefer a lot of their designs.  That story, that environment, is what got me into the whole world of Battletech. 

Ya know, it's funny, I'm kinda like that with all my games.  I find fluff that I like and I kinda stick to it.  My Warhammer army was Witch Hunters.  My 40K is the Inquisition or Dark Eldar.   My battletech preference is the Mercs of the 3rd Succession War.   In Xwing?  Scum and Villainy.  (closest thing to the Mandalorians.)

So.  Next up, probably a Trebuchet, with the Archer very very likely on its heels.  I also have to see if FCY will have another Atlas in his stock.  HWSNBN probably didn't get one, so I'll have to make that happen.

Yeah, just thinking out loud.  : )

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