Friday, February 6, 2015

More Seraphon

So.  Now to the real work.   I have a pretty good idea of the paint scheme I want for Seraphon.  But there's something that twitched when I first saw this.  I love the look of the 4 eyes and the very dynamic face.  I asked "he who shall be unnamed" about how to paint a glowy effect, and his offhand comment prompted that I try something crazy.

So, I decided to light the eyes. 

Those test casts provided some opportunities to figure out how to drill the resin "production" head and open up the eyeslots.  This is a look at how they finally look, with a dime in there for

I also hollowed out the throat and want to give it a "glow from down deep" rather like the Balrog from Lord of the Rings.  This, to me, is what a DRAGON is...I picked up some 1mm led's and will be powering them by 2 LR44 batteries concealed in the base.  I put the switch for it all into a treasure chest that has a hinge put on it. 

I do need to also do some more work on the body of the dragon.  The forgeworld pieces are all well-textured and the pieces that are from the black dragon body are all smooth plastic.  So, what needs to happen is have layers of greenstuff put on and those smooth areas filled out and buffed up to match the texture.  Along with that, there are some  hotspots where the lights glow through the plastic or resin, and a layer or two of greenstuff is needed there as well.  Of course, this resin is a bit fragile, and there are several horns that have broken off and at least two of the claws need to be fixed as well. 

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