Tuesday, January 20, 2015

moving forward.

So.  The only progress I've been able to make has been on the Eagle Rider and The Eternity King's ride.   The EagleRider has airbubble issues.  This is annoying.  I've tried liquid greenstuff, and will keep trying more, but it is beginning to irritate me.  I am wondering if I'm working with the stuff wrong, but it doesn't appear so based on the things I've seen out there on the interwubz.  I'll post up pics when I've delivered to the customer.

As a side note, if this stuff works the way it has been, it might just be the solution to the WHM-1r and the Jenner. It's easier to use than the body putty I've been using for the DDC.

The next thing is the Dragon.  I am wanting a BLACK dragon, but with a hint of amethyst throughout.  Getting a "hint" of any color out of black is always a challenge.  I have tried a few washing and drybrushing techniques and the results have been mediocre. 

Below are the results of two tests.

 I prefer the darker of the two which used several layers of a royal-purple and black wash, with a bare drybrush of light amethyst.  It still has a much more "dry stone" rather than "bare bone" look, which is not what I was after.  I really would like to find a way to come up with a blackish-bone look that feels better on it.  Perhaps a different highlight.  Then I'll have to find a way to do a similar thing with the wings.  Black "leather" vs black "bone." 

And then, there's Malekith, the Eternity King himself.  That is going to be a custom build because there really isn't an option there.


Ben Dixon said...

Hey man I've just come across your blog and was wondering how you're getting on with your jenner from Thor? I'm currently building one and have it just about ready for paint.
Nice work on the FCY madcat, that cockpit is amazing!
Loving the blog, you're very skilled :)

Preston Williams said...

Thanks Ben.
I still have to unbox the Jenner. I have some minor challenges with the video setup, but once they're resolved, I'll do that. Then figure out what's needed there. If it's anything like the Warhammer, it'll be awesome, just need some work.

Ben Dixon said...

Yeah, it's taking a bit of elbow grease but it's totally doable. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with yours