Thursday, April 17, 2014

And we're off.

Who am I?  That’s not so easily answered.  Like most folks, I have all kinds of facets to who I am and things I like to do.  For the purposes of this blog, I am “Mal the modeler.”   I’ve been building models since I was young, as it was the best way to exercise my creativity at the time.  I’ve always been enamored of “accuratizing” “accurizing?” “making more accurate” model kits, and that expanded into kit-bashing models that existed in my mind’s eye.   I’ve done militaria, cars, and planes, but sci-fi has always been my first love/passion.   Star Trek, Space1999, Star Wars, Galactica, anything that had cool looking hardware; the more realistic the better.   Incorporated into this now is Battletech,  Warhammer and Warhammer 40k.  The grimdark future sure has some fun modeling potential.

These days there are all kinds of options available for making new and interesting things, but I still prefer the razor knife, glue and greenstuff. 

I started this blog so I had a place to both document my “on the bench” things and also nudge myself along to keep building; without filling up the faceyspacey world.  Let’s face it, faceyspacey is a big town square-like space, and I really don’t need to put these creative things out there.  This is my little space of thinking, planning, designing and..well.. playing.   Because for me, engineering, designing and building really is playing. 

I have a few new and different things I want to try.  One of which is custom sculpting and casting.   I keep looking at things that folks have done, and keep wanting to try.  I need to quit wanting and start doing.   I have a few ideas on what:

1)      28mm Atlas.   The MechWarrior’s super-ride.  100 tons of walking badassness.   I have a Timberwolf Mk II on the way, and this would go great as a companion piece. 
2)      28mm Jenner.  This is a personal favorite.  Yeah, it’s a light ‘mech, but it’s the one I prefer to drive in MWO.   4ML’s, 2 SSRM packs and 152+ kph of pure annoyance.
3)      28mm Warhammer.   The great unseen-one.   I think the reason for liking this one goes without saying.
4)      28mm 40K Inquisitorial Warhound.  I love Titans.  Can’t play with them often, but have always liked the look of the 40K “Battlemechs.”

Yeah, doing them all at 28mm, which is roughly 1/60. (1/58, I think).   It’s a nice scale and it goes well with the 40K hardware.   It’s not a common one, so the really cool “kits” of the standard-interest stuff are out of scale, but that’s fine.  It’s nice to do something different.  
I’ve also got a Timberwolf, Mk II on the way.   At the very least, there’ll be a cockpit.  I’ll have to see  how the kit goes together to decide how much more I may want to do to it.   It’s one of the few Clanner ‘Mechs that cut a silhouette that I like.  Impressive, imposing, menacing.  Like the Warhammer. 

So.. here begins the blog.  Off I go.  Let’s see where I end up.

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